The Ultimate Fat Burning Breakfast Foods

The Ultimate Fat Burning Breakfast Foods

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day along with this fat burner. When you enjoy a satisfying breakfast first thing in the morning it primes your metabolism and reduces the risk of snacking on "not so good for you" foods later in the day. What you choose for breakfast is also important. Why not make it a fat burning breakfast? Here are breakfast foods that'll heat up your inner furnace so you'll burn more fat - and stay full longer.

Fat Burning Breakfast Food: Oatmeal

Oatmeal is loaded with soluble fiber - which not only lowers your cholesterol, but keeps you full for hours after you eat it. Grocery store shelves are filled with instant oatmeals in a variety of enticing flavors. Resist the urge to buy them and get the old-fashioned oats instead. They're less processed, have no added sugar, and their lower glycemic index is easier on your insulin levels. Create your own flavored oatmeal by adding berries, sliced melon, dried fruit, cocoa powder, nuts, or flavored yogurt. Add a little low-fat milk and you have the makings of a tasty, fat burning breakfast.

Fat Burning Breakfast Food: Eggs

What would breakfast be without a few eggs? Eggs are rich in protein and rank high on the list of most satisfying and filling foods. Several studies have shown that eating eggs in place of higher carbohydrate breakfast foods such as bagels helps with weight loss. Take advantage of the infinite number of ways you can prepare these versatile little orbs. Try scrambling, poaching, or hard boiling them. For even more variety and nutritional power, make a breakfast omelet or frittata and fill it with antioxidant rich veggies. However you choose to eat them, make eggs a part of your morning meal.

Fat Burning Breakfast Food: A Yogurt Parfait

McDonald's sells one, but you can make your own customized yogurt parfait at home. To do this layer low fat yogurt with low sugar, whole grain cereal, and ripe, delicious berries to create the ultimate fat burning breakfast. The reward? You'll get protein, calcium, fiber, and cell protecting antioxidants in every bite. The protein and fiber combine to kick start your metabolism and satisfy your hunger. You can even make a few the night before and store them in the refrigerator to enjoy first thing in the morning. For a different variation, add a little low fat milk and puree the ingredients to create a smoothie to drink on the way to work.

Give these three fat burning breakfast foods a try; and whatever you do, don't skip breakfast.

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