Ten Safety Tips for a Satisfying Hike with Cannabis

Ten Safety Tips for a Satisfying Hike with Cannabis
Hiking is a therapeutic way to recharge your body, mind, and soul. If you are stressed at work or going through something, go for a hike. As per gentlemantoker.com article, Communing with nature provides a refreshing and calming effect because there is something spiritual about flowing rivers, rocky terrains, and mountain summits. Lying on wildflowers gives you that kind of connection you can only feel with nature.However, if you plan to bring marijuana in your hike for added high, make sure you know about a few things. Here are ten safety tips that will save you from trouble and give you the most enjoyable hike you so deserved:
  • Review the laws about marijuana.
In every state, laws vary about marijuana. If you are living in Colorado, marijuana is allowed for 21 years old and above. You are legally allowed to own about an ounce or 28g of THC-infused or marijuana flower products. If you are bringing them, do not brag around about it. Remember that it is still illegal in federal and state lands.
  • Make a checklist
It is better to list down the things you will bring than regret later. Here are some suggestions: canned food, water, flashlight, bear whistle, lighter, camp gear, camp equipment, and of course, your precious marijuana.
  • Make a press release.
Tell at least one person where you will be and how long you will be gone. This little detail will save you in case you meet an accident or an emergency occurs along the hike.
  • Mark your map.
Whether it is a hard copy map or downloaded in your gadget, mark your trail every step of the way.
  • Climb high but don’t get high.
Remember that the purpose of your hike is to climb high, not to get high. Just a hit or two will do every time you reach a milestone.
  • Interact with nature.
Sniff the flower more and the joints less. Talk with the frogs, chase butterflies, befriend a rabbit, and enjoy the scenery.
  • Add more fun
If you are hiking with friends, stay close with the group. Share a smoke but don’t be a bad influence. Marijuana adds more fun but overdoing it ruins the fun.
  • Bring a lot of extra water
Cannabis and hiking are both causes of dehydration. You must stay hydrated at all times.
  • Take baby steps with your marijuana
Take note that when you climb high altitudes, your body’s rhythm is also adjusting at the same time. This is why smoking cannabis may confuse your body. Observe your breathing and do not forget to stay hydrated. Try one puff and observe how you feel.
  • Find a cannabis-friendly campsite.
There are private campsites that allow you to bring and use marijuana. However, be discreet about it because some people might not be open about it, and you will offend them.Final WordsNow you are ready! Enjoy your hike with cannabis. Just follow these ten tips you’ll sure to have a satisfying and relaxing time with nature.

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