Guides on How to Make a Garden on Your Roof

Guides on How to Make a Garden on Your Roof
In this modern world, gardens or farms are not only seen in the yards. People have now brought planting in the roof of their houses after checking how much is a new roof cost. A new and innovative way to venture into farming. This is very suitable for individuals or families living in the big cities where there is not enough space for backyards to cultivate on. It brings the garden to other heights, literally and figuratively.Indeed, there is a difference between ground gardening and rooftop gardening. While gardening on the ground requires you to measure up the land, rooftop gardening will challenge you by the roofing of the house. Both need hard work and patience. So before starting your roof garden, you should at least know basic ideas to be successful in your goal.Rooftop gardens are differentLike ground gardening, making a farm or garden on the roof should be monitored. But in rooftops, the area is limited and may have complex structures. That is why you will depend on the style of the garden to the style of roofing your house has. Some of the different types of roof gardening techniques are green roofs, greenhouses that can be either soil-based or water-based, and container gardens.Green roofsThis technique is beneficial to aid the heat island effect. It is divided further into extensive, modular, and intensive types. Another good thing about green rooftop is its environmental-friendly. It can also serve as an insulator thus lowering energy waste.Greenhouse roofsThe installation of these rooftop gardens is more expensive than the other two techniques. However, its effect lasts for a long period. Using this system that is based on hydroponics, lets you grow a huge number of plants or crops because it saves up a lot of space.Container systemsThis is an environmental system offering lots of benefits to nature, especially to insects and birds. It is also less costly than the green roof system.Choose the right roofThe roofing of your house protects you from outside afflictions. So, if you want to build your rooftop garden, make sure that the roof is sturdy enough to hold on to the things you will be making.You don’t want to sacrifice your safety just to make a farm above the ground. Some places have regulations regarding the matter. Coordination with them would be helpful. Talking to professionals is also another way to ensure that the capacity of your roof is feasible for rooftop gardening.Identify your choice of plantsThe type of system you will incorporate in the roof will also depend on the kind of plant you will be working on. If you want to grow something that covers a year-round growth, then a greenhouse system is suited for you.Container system, on the other hand, is opted for plants that require low budget and small spaces. The choice of your plant should also accommodate the capacity of the roof.Check for the roof climateWeather conditions affect the growth of the plants. Before making the garden, learn whether the plants you have chosen are suitable for the changing climate in the area. Temperature is also necessary as well as good access to water.Having a garden on the rooftop is refreshing and relaxing. Aside from that, you can grow crops for your use or business opportunities. For it to be successful, the right choice of the roof, plants, garden system, and climate must first be observed.

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