How Do You Properly Wash Your ATV?

How Do You Properly Wash Your ATV?
As fun as all-terrain vehicles or ATVs are, the very environment they are most commonly used in means that they can get very muddy, dirty, and dusty. I Browse around floorcleaningtools and found following information worth sharing.The buildup of dirt can mean big problems for the ATV in terms of cleanliness and the condition of the engine and its many functioning parts.Thus, while it is not unusual to see a dirty and muddy ATV, this does not mean that ATVs should be left without proper maintenance.With that said, below are some helpful steps to help you properly wash your ATV:

A Good Enough Cleaning Space

First and foremost, it is imperative to have a large enough cleaning space that would allow for lots of movement, preventing muddy and dirty projectiles from landing where they shouldn’t.Also, a good cleaning space is a space that can be cleaned easily too. You might want to have a cleaning space that allows for puddles to flow down the drain with some water assistance.Minor accidents and untidy inconveniences can happen. Therefore, having ample space that will not make heavy work intrusive to the rest of the working or living space is needed.

Removing Mud Cake

Mud can be so thick and so chunky that it may require some careful scraping or soaking. This part can get messy, and this is where the need for a vast space first proves its point.Scraping can be risky to the ATV’s paint job, but with the help of a suitable plastic mud scraper, it can be done carefully. It can also help to use a water hose on the ATV to loosen up the cakey mud before applying soap.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing helps in removing the stickier mud and dirt buildup. Pressure washers can be either gas or electric, but the former works more powerfully.Some dirt can be a little too stubborn and refuse to detach from the ATV. With the discomfort of needing to scrape or soak manually, it’s an excellent option to go for a pressure washer.

Soaping It Up and Giving It a Good Scrub

With the mud and dirt cakes removed, the next step is to soap up the ATV. A sponge or a wash mitt can help in this step. Automotive detergent or bike soap will help do the trick. Using the said cleaning materials, clean every inch of the ATV. This includes floor cleaning as well.There can be some grime in places that may be a little too narrow for a sponge or a wash mitt, so using a stiff brush can help immensely.Degreasers can also deal with very oily areas. A simple spray followed by a good scrub, topped with a thorough rinse, should do the trick.

Nice and Dry

A thorough wipe using a lint-free towel should dry up the ATV. Other options include sun-drying and the use of an air compressor.

Squeaky, Shiny Clean

Now, it’s time to polish the ATV. Spray on a plastic polish over the ATV and wipe it down for that clean, new look. However, it’s not advisable to polish the ATV seat.Riders will need lots of friction on the seats to keep them stable in a ride. Applying polish on the seat can make it very slippery and dangerous for the rider.ConclusionThe excitement of riding an ATV comes from the adventure it allows riders to experience. However, it is also still a vehicle that benefits from good maintenance. It needs constant care and cleanup to ensure usefulness. The steps mentioned above should help adequately wash one’s ATV.

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