Proved Methods to Market your Writing Services

Proved Methods to Market your Writing Services
As a freelance writer and the experts, it is often laborious to take on small writing gigs on Craigslist or other sites to funnel your freelance income. Finding writing services is not easy, and even when you find one, it is unlikely that the gig will be a big one. Depending on article listing sites like Craigslist is not a reliable option if you truly want to elevate you’re your writing career.For this reason, freelance writers need to market their writing services to get better writing deals or even permanent writing jobs. There are several ways to do this. Some of the ways to market your services and find writing services are explained below.

Direct Mail

Due to the abundance of spam messages on email today, it is unlikely that your first attempts will be successful. However, this should not deter you from your pursuit for writing gigs. One way to successfully direct mail clients is by searching for editors’ emails. While surfing the web on magazine or article writing websites, look for the editors’ email and email them a sample of your best work.You may need to direct mail several clients before you even get a chance at a response, but do not despair. Sometimes, editors have a surge of articles that need writing, and if you are a regular visitor to their mailbox, they might just give you a gig for a writing service.

Charity Donations and Events

Charity organizations are often looking for freelance writers to write articles for them. Non-profit organizations do not have huge budgets and often rely on the free services given by volunteers. If you want to find writing services, volunteer free articles for such organizations and newsletters as much as possible.This will allow your work to be spread among many philanthropists who work with these organizations. It might take a little while, but you may be contacted for a huge writing deal for the charity organization and get paid for it.

Partner and Reciprocal deals

When looking for a new service, most businesses often rely on existing partners to find those services for them. If the existing partner acquires the business's service at a fairer price while maintaining quality, the business will likely permanently procure them for the service.A freelance blog writer using website services by another company, for example, WordPress or, could offer to write free articles for them in exchange for a free subscription on using their service. If you produce quality work for them, they may hire you permanently to write articles.

Create Free Download Articles

As a freelance writer, you are aware of the trendiest topics prevailing at the time. You need to take advantage of this to create helpful articles, especially those that pertain to businesses, and post them for a free read. Post the article in a way that requires the reader's email to get a free download of the article.Once a businessperson who likes the article reads it, they will likely want to download it and thus provide their email address. Use these email addresses to direct mail these clients while referring to the article they read.If the businessperson is looking to make a website for their company or acquire writing services, they will likely contact you for your writing services. Thus, it would be best if you always made an effort to produce relevant, quality, and helpful articles.

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