What to Consider When Buying a Vinyl Cutter

What to Consider When Buying a Vinyl Cutter
Are you looking into purchasing your vinyl cutting machine and you have no idea where to begin? For starters, there are many vinyl cutting machines in the market, and they differ in many aspects. Must read Cricut maker vs Cricut explore air 2 comparison before you decide to buy.Performance, features, and quality. It is, therefore, important for you to be well-informed before you decide on the kind of machine you want to purchase.Here are a few tips to note down when you want to purchase a cutter:Drive varietyThe motor driving system drives the cutting head of a vinyl cutter head. There are two kinds of driving systems – stepper and servo motor.Servo motor - Servo motor is popular for its high level of cutting accuracy, durability, and fast working speed. It is also environmentally friendly since it does not produce a lot of noise. Most commercially produced cutters use a servo motor.Stepper motor - when you are looking into saving on costs, then this is the appropriate cutter for you. It is economical but has very many disadvantages.It has low precision, and it is deafening. It is suitable for cutting large images, but when it comes to images less than half an inch, they make jugged lines because of its high level of inaccuracy. They are also known for their low production.TrackingTracking involves a machine's ability to produce extended distances of materials while cutting. Tracking is influenced by factors such as friction fed systems, grit rollers, and media handling system.The friction fed system is a material saver, and you are allowed to cut material of various widths with it.Grit rollers -The roller is usually fixed to the vinyl cutting machine which revolves to move along the materials.A metal grit roller has a machined section that exerts more pressure than a bar stock roller cutter. A machined metal grit holder increases the tracking distance of a machine.Media handling -This consists of a media roller system and pinch rollers that grip and feed the material respectively. The Puma IV LX and Jaguar V LX cutters have the finest tracking guarantee. The GCC Jaguar V LX contains two roller systems with flanges that warrant fine tracking.PressureThe pressure of a vinyl cutting machine is an important feature that cutters must possess. The pressure a cutter needs depends on the rigidity of the materials that are to be cut.Thicker materials require more pressure, whereas thin materials require less pressure. The higher the pressure capacity of a cutter, the longer the durability of a vinyl cutting machine.AccuracyThe accuracy of a vinyl cutting machine is measured by its capability to cut the smallest graphics and text. Accuracy is all about saving on material. A high level of accuracy saves on materials and productivity compared to something with low accuracy.SpeedSpeed is a vital feature for every cutter. Speed is measured by a cutter's ability to cut a material diagonally very fast. The higher the speed of the cutter, the higher the production. Who doesn’t want to deliver on orders on time?ConclusionChoosing a vinyl cutting machine is a difficult chore, but with the above guidelines, you can secure your best vinyl cutter in the market.

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