Juan Guaido’s Chief of Staff Arrested

Juan Guaido’s Chief of Staff Arrested
The country of Venezuela has been under pandemonium since January of this year when its President Nicolas Maduro’s election in 2016 was deemed invalid, and Juan Guaido, the opposition’s leader, claimed to be the country’s legitimate president - a claim that is supported by a number of countries such as the United States of America. Maduro was called to step down from the highest government position after accusations of dictatorship and great subsidence of the country in economic and humanitarian aspects.On Thursday, administration of President Nicolas Maduro, did another bold act - an act bold enough to make the country even more chaotic.Venezuela intelligence forces held Juan Guaido’s chief of staff in detention. The forces captured Roberto Marrero in his house in a raid along with other journalists and state utility workers. This move can be translated as Maduro’s efforts to stay in power.The United States has expressed its disapproval and displeasure following Marrero’s arrest.  Statements about the issue were given, saying that they call for Marrero’s immediate release and that the action done by Maduro’s administration will be answered.  Interregnum Valanzuela President Guaido also voiced his call for Marrero’s immediate release on Twitter.Opposition official Sergio Vergara said that his house was raided as well and that the forces asked the location of Roberto Marrero’s home, a question that the opposition official didn’t respond to.While Maduro’s administration doesn’t go after Guaido, mostly because of Trump administration’s warning, they still opted to go after Guaido’s second hand and that can be interpreted as Marudo’s defiance to step down. Venezuela expert Timothy Gill stated that the detention of Guaido’s second hand just showed that Marudo didn’t fear what he used to fear anymore. The military is one of those. There had been a worry in the Marudo side about the military joining the opposition – a worry that was dismissed when the military may have responded to Marudo’s call for action against Guaido’s team last week.

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