Beverage Refrigeration Business 2020

Beverage Refrigeration Business 2020
Beverage Refrigeration business is presumed to increase to more than 7.4 million numbers of units in the year 2024. The growing number of consumption of beverages is the main reason why the beverage refrigerator business is growing. Since different kinds of refreshing drinks are available, and more people are becoming conscious about their health, they now prefer to drink their beverages at home instead of going to pubs or other drinking houses. In addition to that, people are rather spending money on electronic appliances that have chillers to preserve the flavor and quality of a certain beverage for a maximum amount of time.There are also different types of Beverage Refrigerators:Milk coolers – These are manufactured using raw materials that have high quality and are supported by technology that prevents any unwanted damage to dairy products. College and school cafeterias mostly demand this.Storage Type Beverage Refrigerator – This is currently having an increased demand in convenience stores, restaurants, and professional kitchens.Countertop Type Beverage Refrigerator – The space consumed inside this refrigerator is less disorganized, which is why this is preferred by homemakers and professional chefs.Under counter Type Beverage Refrigerator – This has a different way of regulating beverage storage by providing glass doors that are UV protected in order to preserve wine and other beverages by having their shelf life extended. This is mostly used for wine, soda, beer, and water storage.There are also different brands of Beverage Refrigerators such as:AllavinoWhirlpoolDanbyKoolatronEdgestarMarvelHaierJohnson ControlsU-LineDoverUnited Technologies Corp.DanfossIllinois Tool WorksKingsBottleCoca-colaLiebherrDaikin IndustriesAvantiElectroluxGeneral ElectricsThe demand for the products that comply with the habits of consumers is supported by the improved energy standards that have been implemented by the United States’ DOE (Department of Energy) as well as the better environmentally friendly refrigeration alternatives that are required by EPA.The main factors that allow the beverage refrigerators to be more appealing to consumers are:Enhanced aestheticsResisting ability of the materials against corrosionThe growth of the demand for alcoholic beverages among youngsters and female consumers will support the development of the beverage refrigeration business. Other factors that boost the size of the industry are:Reduced time required to cool the beveragesEasiness of handling the containersSince consumers mostly prefer crafted beers, this means that there is an upgraded requirement for beverage refrigerators, especially the ones that are used for beer, to add shelves that can be adjusted in order to fit different sizes of can and bottles.

More to the Industry

By being aware of the consumer habits when it comes to beverages, the industry is expected to grow by innovating more of the beverage refrigerators in terms of prevention of harmful defects, advanced cooling regulation features, and also the environmentally friendly technology in the devices.The growing cities all over the world, together with the different lifestyles and choices of every consumer can drive the increase of demand for cooled beverages – or even packaged processed food. In addition to that, other aspects like having a hectic schedule because of work hours can lead to the limited free time of every person, so they choose to consume their food and beverage as easier as possible – and that can also contribute to the growth of beverage refrigeration business.

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