Tips to Successfully Grow Grapes

Tips to Successfully Grow Grapes
Growing grapes in home gardens used to be an unconventional idea but were never impossible.The eye-opening details regarding growing delicious grapes in the backyard can be found on internet. The fact that grapes are delightful for juicing, eating, winemaking and a lovely ornament entices many garden enthusiasts. If you are one of those enthusiasts, feel free to read our tips on how to tend your own grape garden successfully.Planting TipsThese are the top 3 considerations that you need to prioritize when growing your own grapevines:
  • Select an ideal environment
You must find an area with full sun. If your garden does not get much sun exposure, you should at least ensure that it gets an ample morning sun exposure.The soil where your grapes will be planted needs to be well-drained, deep, and loose. Additionally, it must have enough air circulation.
  • Plan the season
You cannot just plant grapes any time you want. You must do the planting during the right season. Plant bare-root grape vines during early spring. Also, before you plant your grapevines, soak its roots in water, three hours would be enough.
  • Make enough room
The vines must have at least 6 to 10 feet space from each other. Each of the vines should be planted in a 12-inch deep and wide hole. Fill it with 4 inches of topsoil and water it after planting.Caring TipsRight after planting the vines, you cannot just stop there. If you want them to bloom and grow, it’s necessary to appropriately take care of the vines. Here are some key points:
  • Fertilize
Fertilizing the soil is one of the most effective ways to care for your plants. However, for grapevines, you must not do it in the first year. Not unless there is a huge problem with soil quality. You can lightly fertilize the vines on its second year of growth.
  • Mulch
Grapevines will require enough soil moisture to grow healthy. Use mulch to maintain an even amount of moisture right around your vines.Pruning TipsPruning is undeniably the scariest part of tending your plants, especially if you are new to it. You can’t shake off the feeling that you are cutting the vines wrong or your chopping off way too much.There’s actually no reason to be anxious about pruning your growing vines. You just have to keep these two essentials in mind:
  • Grapes are naturally robust
Grape growing is a bit complicated, but you should know that grapes are vigorous. If you made any mistakes as you prune, it would not have that much of a disadvantage because the vine can recover on its own. It can always be fixed the next time.
  • Prune during late winter
During late winter, the buds are not yet swelling, so pruning will be bearable. In the first year of growth, just focus entirely on helping the grapes grow sturdy and healthy trunks.Final Word Over time, gardeners have collated their own means of growing grapevines successfully. Some methods are simple and basic, but others are a bit complex. If you are not ready to explore and customize just yet, feel free to use these essential tips we provided as your stepping stone to grape growing and enjoy.

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