Top Seven Exterior House Color Combinations

Top Seven Exterior House Color Combinations
We always wanted to have a highly rated house painters in Calgary Alberta and a home that is comfortable and suitable for the family. Thus, we always wanted our home to look great despite its age and to meet our style preferences. Not only that but once we plan to sell our house, buyers prefer a house that looks new, calm, and comfortable and that is in good condition.One element that highly affects the environment of the house is the color, style, or design of its walls. The external appearance of the house is where buyers or family that would live in it would take their first impression about their level of comfort in such a house. It is sometimes a struggle to think of the best color or pairs of colors that could be used in external house painting. To help you decide the best color combination that could be used, here are excellent suggestions for you!

The Elements of Exterior House Painting

Using one plain color in the external part of your house would make it boring or dull. Thus, one suggestion is for you to select the main color of your house and one or two accent colors that could supplement it. Use the main color to paint the sides of your house and one or two neutral colors will be used in your railings, spindles, window and door trim. You can either coordinate the color of your shutters to the color of your window and door trim or use another neutral accent. For your front door, use a color that makes the emphasis of it that accentuate with your wall paints.

1. Gray

Gray external paint is one of the trending paint colors that is being used nowadays because of its elegance and its neutral presence that will never go out of style. This could be striped with black or white paint at the door or window trim and shutters. Also, yellow or blue paint could be used to emphasize the house main door.

2. Beige

Beige is considered a neutral color. It is a light-grayish yellowish brown that fits the preference of those who wanted a neutral home style. Just add accent colors such as white paint on the trims, shutters and front door to develop a clean-looking house. You can also add other accent colors such as red in your railings and front door for a brighter home.

3. Brown

If you are looking for an external paint color that could add a warm and inviting environment with a rustic home look, dark brown is a perfect painting for your house, highlighted with accent neutral colors such as dark brown, tan or light brown. If not accent neutral colors, you can use accent hues such as dark green, and deep red.

4. White

For a clean and elegant house, white external color is the best choice for you. White color could fit with any accent colors so this is the best main color that you could use if you want to play with colors. The white color always fits in black color.

5. Green

A new color that is being introduced as an external house color is the light, sage green. It is a non-neutral color that gives your house a look that is a bit unique to the other houses. It is an awesome idea to pair this with gray and white colors.

6. Navy Blue

If you wanted a bold yet cooler external house painting, you could choose navy blue. Pairing it with white and red painting will make your house stand out.

7. Red

The red color is a bit weird to use as a house external color but you can still make this stand out and cool by complimenting it with many accent neutrals. You could accent it with color white and dark gray for a warm and welcoming home.

Tips to Consider for a House Painting

Before purchasing paints for your house, it is important to know the budget that you should have for the project. Your budget depends on the size of your house, the part of your house to be painted and the number of paint colors that will be spent in the house painting. Painting only parts of your house such as trim and shutters will cost less. However, if you plan to paint the exterior sides of your house, the estimated average cost is between $1,926 and $2,837.


You could express your style and the type of environment that you want through your external house paintings. However, ones you plan to sell your house in the future, you can also consider colors that are mostly used and appealing to buyers.Since you already have an idea on how to choose the best color for your house, it is time for you to select a paint color for your house!

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