Home Theater Speaker Placement

Home Theater Speaker Placement
Surely, spending time at home and watching movies is a good way to relieve yourself from all types of stress. Home theaters and best car subwoofer are now a thing. In creating your home theater, you’ll have to invest in appliances such as a projector, monitor, and sound systems. The placement of monitors and projectors in your room is less difficult and less complicated than installing sound systems.Speaker placement is an important factor in turning your TV room into an elegant and welcoming home theater. In this article, we’ll give you some tips and hacks on placing your sound speakers at your home theater.

•    3-Way speaker

A 3-way speaker is a sound system that provides you three connected speakers: one for the front, the left, and the right. It is designed for large rooms and better diffusion of sound. For the front speaker, since it is the largest piece, it is best to position it in front, right above the monitor. It works as the center speaker and it is the one with the loudest capacity. For the left and right speakers, you may position it at the back of the room on an angle of 22-30 degrees fronting the monitor: this way, you’ll allow the sound to spread evenly and concentrate at the center of the room. This is best used in rectangular-shaped rooms and mini auditoriums.

•    Center speaker

For center sound speakers, you may easily place or install it on top or below your TV. You may also use shelves to hold it in place. You may also opt to install the center speaker on a tilting angle (right at the average ear level) for better sound coverage.

•    Surround sound systems

What’s good about surround speakers is that it gives you the ease of moving its parts anywhere you like and it has great sound coverage. Surround sound systems are of the best quality and these are the sound systems used in movie theaters. You may choose to place them on a stand, on shelves or mount them on walls. To get the best sound effects, you can install the speakers one or two feet above ground level. This will let the sound be more solid and reach ear levels faster, given that the viewers are in a sitting position.

•    Subwoofers

This type of speaker is known to produce great bass and low frequencies on a loud and solid sound. Subwoofers may be placed on both sides of the monitor. Subwoofers also have an adjustable sound bar feature which allows the viewers to manipulate the frequency, pitch, and animation of the sound. You may also mount subwoofers on the wall to reinforce its bass.In choosing the right sound speakers, you have to choose the one with an automatic speaker calibration feature. It helps create a surround sound which helps give a better cinematic effect to the movie. It also helps spread sound evenly in odd-shaped rooms such as an L-shaped room, an open floor plan, and a cornered TV spot.

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