Useful Tools for Home DIY Projects and Home Repair

Useful Tools for Home DIY Projects and Home Repair
Do it yourself projects and some repairs at home can help one save money while showcasing creativity and innovativeness. Basic DIY projects mentioned on are easy to learn and can be done by anyone but if one wishes to have advanced projects it will require a lot of patience, courage, and hard work.Before jumping into shops to get the tools for your DIY projects, see to it that you will just get what you really needed. You are doing DIY projects to save some money so you should not end up buying things that you will not use at all. After planning your desired outcome, you may use the list below to serve as a guide in choosing the appropriate tools for Home DIY projects.
  • Hammers. Hammers can generally be classified as claw hammers and lump hammers. Claw hammer is for putting nails in place or pulling them out. Lump hammer is used for breaking bricks, putting large nails, or any work that requires a large amount of force.
  • Philips and flat screwdrivers. These are helpful in putting, removing, or adjusting screws to hold things in place.
  • Pliers and snips. These are commonly used for protruding wires to be easily twisted, bent or cut. Longnose pliers are used for areas that can’t be reached by standard pliers.
  • Saws. Used for cutting woods and metals. The kind of saw varies according to the material to be cut. Hand saw is commonly used for wood, tenon saw can also be used for wood but can give better cut while junior hacksaw can be used for small pieces of metals.
  • Measuring tapes. Exact measurements are needed in DIY projects. 3m tape is enough if the project is small but you may opt for the 6m measuring tape for general uses.
  • Ladders. Ladders are used to reach areas that are too high. It can be used to hang baskets, the clean upper part of the windows, remove cobwebs, or to attach a decoration at home. It is safer to use than standing on stacks of chairs or furniture.
  • Voltage tester. To avoid electrocution, the main switch is usually turned off. Voltage testers are used to double-check if the power is really off. This can also be useful in small devices like those that are battery operated.
  • Torches. There are some areas in the house like corners, or too small materials that cannot be reached by light. Torches are helpful when lighting is needed while doing some maintenance works.
  • Paintbrushes. Paints are used to beautify the house. Roller brushes are used for walls or ceilings. You may also use other large brushes that range from 5 to 6 inches wide. Small brushes with sizes that range from ½ inches to 2 inches are mostly used for creative paintings like murals.
  • Drills. Basically needed when there are plenty of screws to drive.
  • Tippex Marker. Pencils and other markers with black ink are commonly used but the color is usually difficult to see when the object involves also have a dark color. Tippex markers can provide a fine white line that is very easy to see.
There are plenty of tools for home DIY. You must be careful in choosing according to your use and to the time span that these materials can help. Always do some quality checks.

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