What the Z in the Dragon Ball Z stands for

What the Z in the Dragon Ball Z stands for
The success story of Dragon Ball Z is one of the most interesting stories in the United States. The Dragon Ball Z was not well known, and it was canceled two times before becoming a popular amine television series to attract millions of followers. In addition to entertaining the viewers, Dragon Z ball inspired the development of other series that became popular amines. Some of these programs include Speed Racer and Astro boy among others; although they maintained unique aspects to distinguish them as American products.

The “Z” in Dragon Ball Z

Despite the popularity, most people have been wondering what the “Z” in Dragon Ball Z stands for. Before answering what the "Z" stands for, it is crucial to understand that the Z was exclusively added for the amine.  The original Manga that is associated with Akira Toriyama was called Dragon Ball without the “Z.” It narrated the story of Son Goku from his childhood to adulthood. The name was changed by the English speaking nations and called Dragon Ball Z. The aim was to distinguish the eras of Goku’s story and prevent confusion of the readers who were familiar with the amine.For a long time, people did not understand the meaning of “Z” leading to several theories that were not correct. Some people thought that the “Z” stood for Zenkai, Z-fighters, while some individuals thought it was a typing mistake for “2”. Some people also thought that it meant the “last time’ in Japanese. There was also a postulation that it was used to refer to the Saiyan ability to have the power of regenerating health during fights.


The true meaning of “Z” was availed in 2003 by Toriyama during a TV interview with Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. He revealed that the “Z” was used to mean that Goku’s story was coming to an end. This amine was first aired in 1989 and ended in 1996. This was one year after Toriyama ended his manga. In his explanation, he stated that “Z” is the last letter in the alphabets, and thus he gave the amine the letter to mean that the comic was coming to an end.When Katsuyoshi asked Toriyama whether he had an idea of other images in mind while adding the “Z,” he responded that he did not, but he thought the title was not supposed to be changed; however, someone working with him suggested a slight change to make the title look new or unique. Toriyama thought that was okay.While it is acknowledged that Toriyama was involved in the development of most parts of the amine, he also respected Toei work in animation; however, there were rumors that are unlikely to untrue that after the fight with Frieza and Cell, Toriyama expressed the willingness to end the series, but he was discouraged due to the popularity of the amine.


Despite the assumptions surrounding the Z in the Dragon Ball Z, it is now clear that it meant the end of the series. Nevertheless, there were newer movies such as Dragon Ball Super, but this did not lower the popularity of Dragon Ball Z that is popular even in the current world.

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