5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help With Muscle Growth

5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help With Muscle Growth
Muscle building requires tough exercises and best calf massager that one has to do consistently. However, these workouts may take a toll on your muscles and may even result in serious injuries if not treated properly. Thankfully, massage therapy offers a handful of noteworthy benefits to your muscles overall.A good old massage is probably one of the best things you can treat yourself to after draining yourself out from days of tough training. Thus, it's another reason to book the best massage therapist now. Below is a list of reasons why massaging muscles can do you a huge favor when it comes to muscular growth.

1. Ease Sore Muscles

Strenuous muscle-building exercises such as heavy lifting can wear out your muscles. Hence why proper diet, hydration and rest days are extremely important. However, those are not always enough to support muscle recovery between exhausting workouts.Massage therapy is a great way of reducing muscle tightness and soreness. Additionally, it is also a safe and non-invasive way to help ease muscle pain after a laborious training day.

2. Helps Prevent or Treat Injuries

When you do tough workouts regularly, you are bound to get a sprain or an injury at some point. Similarly, when you are working out intending to build muscles, you are also likely to experience muscle damage which is essential in promoting muscle growth. The good news is, massaging muscles not only helps relieve muscle soreness, but it can also help it recover from damages and prevent future injuries.

3. Better Flexibility

Muscle-building exercises such as bicep curls, squats, shoulder press, etc. typically require you to exert a full range of movement. However, you need to be highly flexible to do this. Thankfully, massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to improve muscle flexibility.Based on a study conducted by the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 3-minute massage therapy has improved the flexibility in the tight hamstrings. Similarly, the same massage therapy technique can also be used to improve the flexibility of the other muscles in the body.

4. Reduce Inflammation

Muscle inflammation is typically caused by workout overload, a decrease in glycogen levels and increased lactic acid. Massage therapy is highly recommended for people experiencing painful muscle inflammation. According to a study by the Science Transitional Medicine, ten minutes of Swedish massage can help reduce muscle inflammation.

5. Improves Sleeping Habits

Some people, no matter how hard they train, are having a hard time making progress. On the other hand, other variables affect a person's muscle training progress; hydration, nutrition, stress, and lack of sleep.Lack of sleep is one of the most common factors that can upset one's improvement. During sleep, the body releases growth hormone which helps in repairing and rebuilding the muscular damages incurred during workouts.


Smart training along with regular massage therapy are two of the most potent ways to successfully grow your muscles. On the other hand, having a good massage therapy should not cost you a fortune. You can find affordable places that offer such service or you can simply ask a friend or a loved one to help you ease those burning muscles out.

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