Using Clothes To Make Political Statements: Can It Go Viral?

Using Clothes To Make Political Statements: Can It Go Viral?
You have an opinion and you want everybody to know what side you stand on. Or, you want to raise awareness about a social problem or favorite politician.Can wearing a shirt or other clothes to make a statement a good idea? Can it work to move the gears of change in the direction you want?There is no easy answer for that, but there is no doubt that things do go viral these days. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time with a custom shirt with your political stance on it can take on a life of its own.Here are some ways you can take on your pet political project using clothing to see if it can gain some traction

Make Your Own

Instead of looking online for a shirt that aligns with your politics, you should make your own. Come up with your own slogan or hashtag and put it on the best custom hoodies.Make sure the slogan or saying is pithy and catchy. That will make it more likely to catch one if it gets picked up. And use a hashtag with the idea so that it can have a chance to go viral on social media.You can use your favorite political candidate, but avoid using their logo or slogans as those are usually trademarked and copyrighted.

Wear it to Events and Protests

Getting the word out means getting the shirt or hoodie with your idea on it in front of as many eyeballs as possible.If there is a protest in your area, there will surely be lots of cameras there. If your design and slogan are good, chances are that you will make it in front of a camera and your shirt will be featured.

Use Social Media

If you can’t go to the cameras, then make the camera come to you. Use social media to your advantage and wear your shirt with your political design prominently.Do some research to see which social media platform is best to get your message out. There are so many of them and each has its particular user. Using the wrong one will keep your message from gaining traction.When you find the right one, make sure you post at the best times for your post to be seen. You need to give it a good chance to go viral.

Find your Tribe

The group most likely to pick up the message and run with it may not be in your social circle already. You may have to go out and find like-minded people. Look at forums online that deal with the issues that interest you and there are likely to be people that will appreciate your political message and apparel.Plan some meetups when you find some members you click with. Then bring along a few other hoodies or shirts for them to wear to.

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