Exponential Profit Predicted For The CBD Industry

Exponential Profit Predicted For The CBD Industry
The world is not economically stable at all times. Therefore, industries like Chartattack's guide on CBD benefits that are predicted to grow tremendously in the near future often get the interest of investors.Recent research shows the future exponential growth of the cannabidiol industry. It is estimated that the industry will increase by 700% in 2020 and makeup to $2.1 billion US dollars, and in 2027 to make up to $57 billion dollars. This is a huge increase to the last census when the CBD industry made $202 million dollars.

The Uses Of CBD

The CBD industry has many more benefits to health that were known previously, including that it is neuroprotective and also acts as an antioxidant. Although it can be made from hemp or marijuana, it doesn’t include tetrahydrocannabil, so people are cannot get high from its products. Products made from it includes CBD Oil, creams and drops.Many hemp-focused industries are focusing on researching the products of CBD in order to create more that specifically targets the body’s well-being, health, and improves the endocannabinoid processes of the body.

Companies That Produce CBD Products

Marijuana Company Of America

One of such prominent industries is the Marijuana Company Of America (MCOA). Its primary goal is to research the medical benefits of CBD and to ensure that all the hemp-derived products made and distributed for use are of the best quality. These products are known as hempSMART products. They also focus on optimizing the energy, overall wellness, and flexibility of consumers.These products are also available in the form of drops for pets. A new line was introduced in February, made from purely natural products including hemp extracts, oil from hemp seeds and coconut, with tantalizing flavors of bacon. It optimized the energy and health of pets.MCOA further encourages its consumers to be empowered and educated about the products they use. It is dedicated to bringing back green and sustainable products made from hemp with technologies which would positively impact the world.MCOA's strategies for marketing will ensure that its exposure is nation-wide with ads and commercials on television and outlets in social media.


It is a world-wide biopharmaceutical industry that focuses primarily on researching innovative therapies for complex diseases. Its main goals are in the fields of oncology, virology, neuroscience, and  immunology. It has produced Marinol, an FDA-approved drug that helps patients with AIDS to retain their appetite and for chemotherapy-induced vomiting and nausea.

CV Sciences, Inc.

It functions primarily in two segments: for the pharmaceutical aspect in producing synthetic CBD products and in making natural, plant-based products.It has created Plus CBD, a line of supplements which has been widely successful and praised to be much more popular than other supplements in the market.

KushCo Holdings, Inc.

It is mostly involved in supplying, packaging and distribution of legalized cannabis products.

Aurora Cannabis, Inc

It is licensed to produce medicinal cannabis – and it made produces more 100,000 kg every year! With collaborations with other companies and new facilities being built, it is expected to produce much more in the years to come.

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