Becoming Organized at Home: Three Top Tips

Becoming Organized at Home: Three Top Tips
The feeling of being organized is a fantastic one, but it can take a bit of effort to reach that stage. Once you achieve a certain level of organization, it is vital not to let it slip, otherwise, you will be back to square one. We share three top tips to help you feel organized at home.


If your home is full of stuff and you are struggling to move without excess things getting in the way, you really need to have a sort out. Decluttering is the best thing to start off doing. Firstly, consider categories such as clothes, toys, kitchen bits and bobs, toiletries and make up, for example. Gather every item and throw out or give away any that you no longer like or need. In the interests of protecting the environment, only unsalvageable things or expired make up, for example, should actually be thrown in the garbage (or recycling if possible). Clothes can be upcycled, regardless of condition. Getting rid of the bulk of unused or unwanted items is a huge start and can be extremely cathartic.

Storage Solutions

After decluttering, considering how to store all of the remaining items is incredibly important. If there are many things, for example in your garage, that you are unable to part with, why not consider storage elsewhere like Life Storage Chattanooga? Inside your home, try to have things organized and not on display. Although bookcases can look great (they have a certain charm about them when filled with beautifully bound books), they can look cluttered easily. Consider storage with doors instead. If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in wardrobe, be sure to sort the clothing, shoes and accessories into categories to make it easier to find things that you want. You may wish to separate professional work outfits from your everyday mooching around the house attire. Toys should also be kept out of the way, perhaps in accessible boxes. To be truly organized, encouraging the children to keep on top of the mess will really help (it is a challenge in itself though!).


Paperwork can be a challenge, as there seems to be a never-ending amount of it. This is the first thing you need to do: contact all of your utility suppliers and change to online billing only. The reduction in the amount of paper coming through your door is incredible. However, you do need to ensure you keep on top of it by checking everything thoroughly online. Creating a new folder and keeping it all on your PC is another important thing to do.  Having said that, there will always be some types of paperwork that you cannot stop and go digital with. As a result, you still need to have a system in place for dealing with letters that come through the door. An in tray can be useful for this. Try putting everything into one of these and set yourself half an hour at the end of each week to sort through it. Sorting your paper into a file organizer can work wonders as it contains different sections. For example, home, education, receipts. Do not become complacent with this though. Every few months, sort through it and discard anything that is no longer required.

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