Seven Important Things to Know About Your Child’s Swimming Lessons

Seven Important Things to Know About Your Child’s Swimming Lessons
Swimming is an important sport every child should learn. Singapore swimming lessons helps develop self-confidence every time they learn a new stroke and they will also feel accomplished. It teaches them life skills that will guide them as they grow. As a parent, you need to be aware of some of the important things.As parents, we cannot help but feel anxious about the dangers our children could face during their swimming lessons; and to help ease your worry here are the important things you need to know about your child’s swimming lessons.

1.   Safety

This should be your priority when it comes to enrolling your child in a swimming lesson. Ask the facilitators about their precautionary measures about drowning; how many lifeguards are in the area? How many facilitators are there in a class? How often do they clean the pool?There should be at least 2 facilitators in class; one can teach swimming, while the other one keeps an eye on the children to avoid drowning.

2.   Age

Many parents enroll their babies as early as 3 months old because they say babies are naturally born survivors. Once thrown in the water they will automatically struggle to float and breath.Ideally, children should start swimming lessons when they can follow simple instructions. In reality, toddlers do not achieve milestones at the same time; so if you think your child can follow simple instructions then you can go ahead and enroll them.

3.   Be mindful of the risks

No matter how good a swimmer is, there is always a possibility of drowning. Always keep an eye on your kids whenever they are inside the water. They may slip and fall in the pool and while they are unconscious, they may drown.

4.   Avoid large classes If possible

Choose a date where classes are not in demand. If the class is smaller it is easier for the facilitators to keep track of your children’s performance. It is also easier for them to keep your children safe during swimming lessons.

5.   Watch but do not distract.

For parents, swimming lessons are an important part of their kids' personal and social development; that is why we want to watch them learn their first stroke or learn how to float. Parents are allowed to watch but do not distract them by cheering almost every second. Also, do not distract them by threatening them when they commit a mistake.
  1. Use floating devices properly.
Ask the facilitators what floating devices they use while teaching. Make sure these floating devices are age-appropriate. Some floating devices are too big for toddlers and it might suffocate them while being used or worn.

7.   Encourage your children.

Just because they did not learn the basics on the first day does not mean they won’t be able to learn anything at all. Let them know that we become better at what we do if we keep on trying.


Swimming has many health benefits; it helps the children’s muscle and bone development. It also helps their bodies become flexible and coordinated. Aside from these amazing health benefits, the important thing is to encourage your children to have fun while learning.

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