Arrest Of Peru’s Former President Due to Drunkenness

Arrest Of Peru’s Former President Due to Drunkenness
Former Peru’s president, Alejandro Toledo, was earlier released by the California Police Department despite a warrant of arrest by the Peruvian authorities. The Peruvian authorities have offered a reward of $30,000 for any information that may lead to his arrest.  Toledo is facing an imminent threat of being arrested in his own home country for bribery worth $20 million.According to the police department, the US officials sent the former Peru president free after spending a night in custody. The police have indicated that the allegations made in Peru were not justifiable to keep him in custody in California.Toledo, who is currently 72, was arrested by police in response to a call of public disorder made in a restaurant in Menlo Park, South of Francisco. His arrest took place at 10:30 pm on suspicion of public intoxication. However, no charges were filed against him. The former president was let free at 9 am by the San Mateo County Sheriff Department.According to Rosemary Blankswade, the Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, the existence of charges on Toledo in Peru alone doesn’t authorize his arrest in the United States. This decision came after several consultations with the Interpol and the Peruvian officials.A Peruvian Judge rewarded his warrant of arrest in February 2017. Allegations state that he took a $20 million bribe from a Brazilian construction company to allow the company to sign a contract of building a road from Peru to Brazil. The $30,000 reward is still viable to any person worldwide who will lead to the arrest of the former Peruvian president. The former Peruvian president has continuously denied the allegations.The Peruvian authorities are worried by the fact that Mr. Toledo might seek refuge in Israel, making it hard for any extradition ever to happen since Israel has never entered any extradition treaty. The sanctuary is possible because Toledo’s wife has dual citizenship of Belgium and Israel.

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