Work from Home: How to Turn Your Garden Into A Business

Work from Home: How to Turn Your Garden Into A Business
Having a garden adds beauty to your home’s outdoor yard. However, gardening is one of the most time-consuming chores to do at home. It can also be costly due to the various tools and equipment you’ll need to maintain and nurture your garden.However, your garden can be a great means of self improvement and income if there may come a time when you’ll get tired of your daily job and decide to work from home. If it interests you, then here’s how to make gardening a great business.

Know What Plants to Grow

The first thing that you have to do is decide what kinds of plants to grow, and estimate the capacity that your garden can accommodate. Vegetables, herbs, and flowers are the kinds of plants that sell well.

Use The Right Tools and Equipment

You probably already have the basic things needed for gardening, but you’ll need more if you’re going to do it as a full-time occupation. With that, you’ll have to invest in better quality gardening tools and equipment such as gloves, shovels, hand trowels, watering cans, watering wands, garden hoses with adjustable nozzles, and wheelbarrows. It is highly recommended to have a steady supply of organic fertilizers to help your plants grow efficiently. Also, wear proper gardening clothes and gear; it will protect you from the scorching heat from the sun during hot seasons and will keep you warm during cold seasons.

Acquire A Business Permit

You can never start a business legally without a business permit. Although you can actually start one, you have to go small-scale first by selling your products to your close friends and neighbors only. If you go all out without a permit, the authorities in your town may shut down your business. Therefore, acquire a business permit and license first and then comply all of the requirements needed.

Learn The Art of Harvesting and Selling

There are a lot of options on how to sell your garden products.
  • You can set up your own stall in a local farmer’s market in your town to display your harvests. Those that will sell a lot are most likely herbs, vegetables, and fruits, but you can display other kinds of plants.
  • You can also sell them online such as in Amazon. In fact, Amazon just recently added ‘plants’ to their list of product categories. However, it is best to only sell those plants that are for display such as flowers and plant seeds. You can also make use of social media by posting photos of your garden products and harvests. Certainly, a lot of people will see them.
  • If you opt for a simple method of selling, you can sell your harvests door to door around your town.


Once your garden business becomes widely known in the market, the demands of your products and harvests will increase massively. Therefore, you’ll have to invest to make your property bigger or purchase a new one to accommodate the growing needs of your livelihood. You’ll also have to hire capable people who can help you run your booming business.

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