Taking Care of Indoor Plants in an Air-Conditioned Room

Taking Care of Indoor Plants in an Air-Conditioned Room
Do you have plants inside your house? If yes, you need to take several precautionary measures to make sure you’re taking care of them well, especially if your room is air-conditioned. Many homeowners have put plants inside their homes to beautify the space, purify air, and enhance the smell of the interior of the house. The indoor plants require a humid environment, so even if you have the best ductless air conditioner, you definitely have to keep the following in mind:

Factors to consider in taking care of indoor plants.

When taking care of your indoor plants, you must take into consideration the following issues:Location of the plant inside your house.The plant should be kept away from the air conditioning vent of the room. Not all plants are capable of withstanding air conditioning. Some plants will start fading and eventually wilt on prolonged exposure to air conditioning. In case this happens, take your plants far off from the air conditioning vent.

Monitoring of humidity levels in the house.

Monitoring the indoor humidity is very crucial in taking care of indoor growing plants. Most of the indoor plants are tropical and do well in a humid environment. The indoor plants grow well in a humid level of 55-75%.  The temperature of the room is indirectly proportional to the humidity levels of the room. High temperature reduces the humidity level of the room. Hence, you should try to balance the two.

Watering the indoor plants regularly.

If the humid levels drop inside the house, sprinkle some water on the leaves of the plants. This will help them remain moisturized. You should also put water on the soil inside the pot supporting the plant regularly. Some plants will require to be watered twice a day while others, just once. Hence, you should be aware of how much water your indoor plants require.

Protect young indoor plants by placing them on a glass shield.

Young plants are highly sensitive to changes in humidity, temperature, and cold air. Due to this reason, the young plants will be more protected if shielded with a glass protector. The glass is preferred because it's transparent, helping you flaunt their beauty at the same time protecting the young plants from harmful conditions.Therefore, air conditioning and plants don’t have to be totally incompatible. You only need to control the air around them. You should create harmony between your indoor plants and their indoor environment. These plants are affected by the brightness of light, temperature, water, humidity, and potting. Thus, you need to keep all key factors in mind to make your plants survive and thrive.

Plants that can survive indoor air-conditioned rooms.

Not all plants will do well in indoor conditions. Some will eventually die. Examples of plants that can grow in an indoor atmosphere are; Peace Lily, Parlor Palm, Tillandsia, ZZ plant, and Victoria Lady Fern.As long as you choose the right plants and commit to make them survive while enjoying their beauty and benefits indoors, everything should be okay. After all, indoor plants just need one thing: your tender loving care. 

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