How to Use Home Insurance to Protect Your Garden

How to Use Home Insurance to Protect Your Garden
Whether you pursue gardening as a hobby or a means to earn some side income by selling your crops, your garden can be considered as a part of your house. You might not have thought of it, but it does hold a lot of monetary value, especially if you take into account your tools and other gardening equipment. Due to that, having it insured is just the right decision you can make, start right now and compare plans on

What Insurance Offers Coverage for Your Garden?

Since your garden is considered a permanent feature in your property, you can have it covered with your home insurance. There are actually some home insurance policies that provide coverage for your garden from events like storms, high winds, and other weather conditions. However, it’s still important to talk with your insurance company about the types which can be considered as “acts of God”. In the event they don’t cover winds, storms, and the likes, then you’ll have to go for an umbrella policy instead.

What are Not Covered by the Insurance?

Before you consider a home insurance policy, it’s important to check for some gaps. For example, damage brought on by weather may not apply to your garden in the same way it would on your house. Also, certain items such as exotic flowers and plants might not get covered.

How to Protect Your Garden

To prevent certain weather conditions from damaging your garden, or at least minimize it, the best thing you can do is to keep it well-protected. A good start is to make sure that your shed is in good quality and can withstand harsh conditions, especially if it’s where you store most of your stuff.If your insurance covers theft, they will only provide theft coverage if you’ve proven that the shed is locked all the time. The insurance company will have to check if there’s any sign or evidence of forced entry.Alternatively, you can purchase and install security lights in certain areas of your house, particularly in the garden area to discourage thieves from entering. Surrounding your area with fences or bushes can also help as well.Regardless, you have to make sure shed is locked at all times and your garden is secured whether you’re at home or not. You should also conduct routine checks on your garden for any possible sign of weather damage, broken fences, stolen items, water leakage, and more.You should also make your garden items windproof. If you have ornaments which got blown away by high winds, you might want to secure them as possible. Doing so will prevent them from getting blown away and even prevent thieves from stealing them.


Keeping your garden protected at all times is ideal to maintain its good condition. Make it weatherproof, windproof, and theftproof. Additionally, make sure to check with your home insurance company to find out if your garden, along with your tools and equipment, are all covered by your current insurance. If not, you can go for a contents insurance instead, although this one also covers non-permanent fixtures in your garden.

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