Is the medical marijuana industry an optimistic method to ends Colombia’s stigma on drugs?

Is the medical marijuana industry an optimistic method to ends Colombia’s stigma on drugs?

For so many years, Colombia was known for the extensive use of illegal drugs and illegal drug trade. Today, an opportunity that will change the way people perceive Colombia arrives.

Research shows that Colombia is one of the best places to grow cannabis. Colombia’s climate, geographical location, and balanced amount of rainwater and sunlight is the ideal combination to grow cannabis.

In 2016, a law that regulates the use of cannabis for scientific and medicinal purposes has been proposed. The implementation of this law was greatly opposed by many; but last year, the law came into effect. The law allowed the legal cultivation of cannabis. The maximum limit allowed was 40.5 tonnes which was approximately 44% of the limit that the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) allows.

As of the moment, there are 70 companies in Colombia that are licensed by the Colombian Ministry of Health and Justice to cultivate marijuana. With the legalization of the cultivation of marijuana in the country, people should practice discipline and self-control in order to avoid abuse in terms of the use of marijuana.

Meanwhile, authorities should strictly implement the maximum limit of allowed when it comes to cultivation. Sadly, in 2018, authorities confirmed that there is an estimate of 234 hectares of illegally cultivated marijuana in the country. These illegally cultivated crops generate a total of 900 tons of cannabis every year.

Studies about the medical effects of marijuana are still in progress. There are studies which have shown that marijuana can possibly cure nausea for cancer patients who have gone through chemotherapy, post-traumatic stress, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, chronic pain, and arthritis.

With the legalization of marijuana, farmers and indigenous people in the rural areas of Colombia gained an advantage. Their involvement is no longer associated with drug traffickers but rather a source of work and development. The people of Colombia hopes that this opportunity will someday help cure people of their sickness.

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