Argentina legend, Lionel Messi has changed into a selfish player

Argentina legend, Lionel Messi has changed into a selfish player

Argentina’s 1978 World Cup stars Mario Kempes commends Christiano Ronaldo for always putting the team’s interest above anyone else. He said that in every game, Christiano Ronaldo plays for the team and not just for his own glory. He demonstrates team spirit like no else does.

In an interview with Mario Kempes, he said that his teammate, Lionel Messi, has turned into a selfish player. He noticed this change in Messi’s attitude during his pitch. In the past, Messi’s actions always reflect the qualities of a good team player; now things have turned upside down. Christiano Ronaldo is now playing more for the team’s victory than anyone else.

Kempes is one of the best finishers during his time. He is one of the best Argentinian to grace the Spanish top-flight, achieving a remarkable record of 47 goals in 92 games while playing for Los Che. He is also fondly called as “El Matador”.

Kempes is one of the three players who won three awards in one tournament. These three awards are The World Cup, the Golden Boot, and the Golden Ball. The other two are the Italian icon Paolo Rossi and the Brazilian forward Garrincha.

Kempes said that he was trying to predict his old team’s chances of winning at the Estadio Benito Villamarín for a game against Barca, and he is sad about the fact that despite Valencia having a good team, Barca remains to be the crowd’s favorite.

When Kempes was asked his opinion about Messi, he said that Messi might be have slowed down a bit; however, when he is the field, he knows the fine points of the game and he is going to mess you up. He also added that he is in a downshift and his actions show that he wants to do things on his own.

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