Summer Travel Vacation from the USA to Mexico Drops

Summer Travel Vacation from the USA to Mexico Drops
Despite its dangerous reputation, Mexico has been one of the most popular places tourists go to and that includes American tourists. However, this year, Allianz Global Assistance said that the number of summer travels from the USA to Mexico will significantly drop.Allianz Global Assistance based this prediction on the planned trips between May 24 and September 3.  Some might argue that Cancun, which is the top international destination of tourists from the USA this year, is in Mexico, and while that may be true, it is still only 10.5% of international travels. It is also apparent that the percentage has been dropping since 2017 with 16.9% in 2017 and then 15.7% in 2018. 6 per cent between last year and this year is definitely a huge decrease.In a  statement released by Allianz, they said that Mexico’s defunding of the Mexico Tourism Board and the closure of its international offices were to blame as these have immensely impacted the visitation at a time when the US State Department alerts were raised because of both crime and drug violence.If the number one most popular international destination this year is Cancun, the second most popular destination is Aruba, which significantly rose from sixth place last year. Another one rising is San Jose del Cabo, which was the fifth in the previous year’s list. Remaining the fourth spot is Nagau, while last year’s number two, Higuey in Dominican Republic, closes the top five. The sixth to tenth spots were taken by Monetego Bay in Jamaica, Providenciales, Caicos, Turks, San Juan, Puerto Vallarta, and Grand Cayman.Allianz Director of Communications said that this was the first time for the top ten international destinations to be composed of places in the Caribbean and Mexico.As for domestic destinations, Orlando and New York grabbed the two highest spots, besting places like Las Vegas and Honolulu. 

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