Colombian Food Bank Calls for Help

Colombian Food Bank Calls for Help
The major Colombian food bank, Bogota Food Bank, is seeking help from people and organizations to serve less-fortunate people in their country.Fr. Daniel Saldarriaga, who is the Executive Producer, expressed the importance of keeping people well-fed, having a culture of good habits, helping the poor in order for them to send their children to school, and assisting older adults in job seeking.The food bank has a total of 126 collaborators, all of which serve as the bridge to connect to the ones in need. However, as of the moment, the food bank is serving plenty with 47,000 families, 24,000 adults, 22,000 young adults, 10,000 elderly, and 61,000 children.Fr. Saldriagga said that the help of the community was needed in order for them to keep helping the poor, particularly the disabled, the sick, the elderly, and the children. That is why the food bank launched a campaign wherein people in the community are asked to donate daily essential things like personal hygiene products, food, clothes, and the like. Service is also well-appreciated. Fr. Saldriagga added that this campaign encourages people to be heroes in their own and simple way. To give as an example, he said that instead of throwing away unnecessary things, they can just give them to the ones who are in need.Aside from feeding the less-fortunate, the food bank is also hoping to do two other things: encourage the culture of sound and healthy nutrition while they eradicate the culture of begging. The priest said it wasn’t right to encourage beggars. Alongside helping them survive the daily life, it’s also imperative that we help alleviate hunger and fight poverty by working with young people and giving them opportunities that will enable them to dream and prepare themselves for the work environment and the life in the society, he continued to say.

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