American Mine Door Stamps Authority With a Heavy-Duty Door

American Mine Door Stamps Authority With a Heavy-Duty Door

The global OEM has served the mining world for a century. It was incorporated in the 1906 manufacturing underground mine doors that were mechanically operated. The company has grown from simple wooden mine doors to more complex doors consisting of pneumatic air cylinders and hydraulic systems.

The custom doors are produced at the 100,000 square foot facility in Slavic Village. AMD also designed machines that clean mine tracks and produce cable vulcanizers. They even own a fabrication department that deals with steel mills.

The company diversified to silver, copper, gold, and other mineral mines after the coal industry started to go deep. It has also spread its services worldwide, mostly to South and Central America and some parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

The doors are entirely fabricated in the Slavic Village, Cleveland, but the company also has connections to global distributors in several areas where they operate.

AMD has several door designs, but two of them are more advanced. As a towering high-pressure door that is designed for mines with high truck traffic, it can withstand strong winds with ease. It also has a low-pressure design which is smaller and cheaper.

The doors range from 10,000 dollars for the smaller EcoVent to 50,000 dollars for the larger high-pressure mine doors. The doors are mainly made of steel frames and panels which have complied with all heavy-duty standards. Additionally, the control is done by computers.

The company puts the safety of its workers first in its designs with a system that allows the doors to open in opposite directions, thereby equalizing air pressure.

The company predicts to further indulge in the business as mining becomes a base for many economies, especially with the fast rate of technological advancements. The demand for their doors will only go up as new technologies demand raw materials.

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