Construction of an optical fiber cable from California to Chile, financed by Google

Construction of an optical fiber cable from California to Chile, financed by Google

The most talked-about establishment of a 10,000 km submarine cable from California to Chile that was funded by Google was finalized on April 23.

The plan is popularly known as project “Curie”, a gigantic optical fiber pipeline that will link the Equinix LA4 data center located in Los Angeles straight to the port city of Valparaiso. From Valparaiso, Google will connect its data center in Quilicura just near Santiago. The campus renovation cost is estimated to be US$140 million.

In order to make the project possible, Google has collaborated with SubCom to assist the transfer of data to the project. Google has installed 3 optical fiber cables across the globe and the project “Curie” is one of them.

Reports say that there is a plan to the cable to Panama in anticipation of a future extension project that will connect to Asia.

Google is continuously finding ways to innovate, and these projects are their gateway to research about new technologies. Furthermore, Google is ready to invest millions in promising projects that will help improve the technology.

Project “Curie” is the first project that is not funded by a major telecommunication company.

According to Jayne Stowell, a strategic negotiator for Google, “Curie” makes Google the first tech firm that will invest in fiber optics. Google is not a telecommunications company, but they are willing to give it a go.

Gloria Hutt, the Chilean Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, also said that the project is a great advantage for a large number of internet users in their country. She is also hoping that through those fiber optics, Chile will be a step closer in building a cloud-based astronomical observatory that they plan to start in partnership with Amazon.

This new innovation will definitely increase Chile’s global astronomy investments. An improved and reliable digital infrastructure means that the country can produce and store more data.

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