Getting to Know the World’s Fastest-Growing Tech Hub

Getting to Know the World’s Fastest-Growing Tech Hub
From being notoriously known as the “most dangerous city in the world” by Time Magazine in 1993 to being soon tagged as “The Innovative City of the Year” by the Urban Land Institute, after 20 years, Medellin will finally have a change in image.Agility and innovation are what made Medellin conquer disruption easily. They were able to outshine Europe and the United States because of these values.  Medellin is known as Colombia’s “City of Eternal Spring”. Their outstanding transformation that paved the way to a vibrant and sustainable urban community won the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize in 2016.Their inspiring transformation achieved several international recognition because of their innovative practices when it comes to land use management, mobility, infrastructure, investments, environmental sustainability, and many more.Today, Medellin persists to find innovative ways to improve their city. They will be representing Latin America as the Center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is a great opportunity to start new waves of research, build infrastructures, and boost the economic status of the region.As criteria, cities that aim to join the Fourth Industrial Revolution are invited for their potential in global cooperation, meaning their advancement is aligned with the policy framework that benefits science and technology. Medellin is currently leading the way when it comes to innovative technologies, and this is the best time to focus and enhance Latin American Talent. Medellin’s talent pool is growing fast, and with the rapid increase in careers and Computer Science graduates, Medellin will surely find its way to the top when it comes to technology.  Their outstanding English skills and geographical proximity has allowed Latin America to train experts in the field of software development.There is no way we can stop the coming out of new technology and advancement. This new innovation is what the world needs to sustain the world for the future generation.

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