Mexico Women’s Cricket Team Revives the Sport through History

Mexico Women’s Cricket Team Revives the Sport through History
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The Central American Cricket Championship held on April 25-28, 2019 was a day to remember for all the fans of cricket in Mexico. During the competition, Mexico’s national women’s cricket team won against Costa Rica. The star player, Anjuli Ladrón, was awarded as the tournament’s best player.  After receiving her trophy, Ladrón had to leave early because she has another game coming across the town.Cricket is not a popular game in Mexico. In fact, the Mexico Cricket Association finds it hard to recruit players.  Recently, Ladrón's attention was focused on cricket. She searched for social media profiles about cricket in Mexico. She came across Mexico Cricket Association and immediately set a meeting with Craig White.Craig White is from England who plays cricket and aims to introduce the game across Latin America. After several meetings, they have decided to organize a women’s cricket team.  Anjuli Ladrón became the ambassador, and she made an effort to let the game be known in Mexico.Craig White is now writing a book about the history of cricket in Mexico. White discovered that cricket was first played in Mexico in 1827. It became the most popular sport in Mexico and became the center of cricket games among the societal elites. Sadly, after the resignation of Porfirio Díaz, a known fan of cricket, the popularity of the sport decreased.Today, the overwhelming influx of cricket fans throughout the world has made a way to bring back cricket in Mexico. Luckily, White and Ladrón share the same interest in promoting and encouraging the people of Mexico to bring back the sport in the country.During the relaunching of the sport, Ladrón is very excited and passionate about training and guiding the team to succeed.At the moment, they have begun to introduce cricket in other parts of Mexico like Monterrey and Guadalajara.  Their partnerships with the ICC and other local institutions have made this possible. Their goal is to entice the youth to play cricket, hoping to grow a bigger population of players in the next years to come. 

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