Ikea Plans to Open First Mexico Store in 2020

Ikea Plans to Open First Mexico Store in 2020
IKEA is the largest provider of furniture in the world and will open its first Mexican store by next year 2020. Other stores will be set up in the country as the company intends to expand its reach in Latin America to compete with its rivals in the United States and Europe. Home improvement experts have celebrated the idea. As the country’s retail manager for IKEA Mexico, Malcolm Pruys, was involved in an event held in Mexico City that would open the country’s first IKEA store.IKEA is based in Sweden and has become famous for its more inexpensive designs. Pruys mentions that IKEA will also sell its products online once the Mexican store is open. There will also be other stores in large cities to accommodate more customers in the country. These will come in various sizes. The first store will be medium in size and offer over 7,500 products. Another interesting feature this store would have is a restaurant that can accommodate over 600 people. There is even a warehouse for e-commerce purposes, holding items that can be shipped off. This would be good for those who do not have bank accounts or prefer online shopping. The warehouse is among many of its kind located in the outskirts of urban areas. They will be full of goods ready for delivery. However, IKEA will also invest in building smaller, more compact versions that can be good enough for smaller cities.Around the world, IKEA has 427 stores within 52 markets. Majority of the sales come from Europe and the United States, though online retailers rival them. Because of this, IKEA announced that the expansion of their stores into Latin American countries, including Colombia, Chile, and Peru will proceed. The Mexican store was planned back in 2015. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador himself remarked that IKEA’s presence might resolve the corruption problem they face by giving the country’s economy an opportunity to prosper. 

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