Ecuador Confiscates Assange’s Belongings Following US Appeal

Ecuador Confiscates Assange’s Belongings Following US Appeal
On 20th May, Ecuador initiated the process of seizing goods left at its London embassy by Julian Assange, a WikiLeaks founder. It was after the US Department of Justice gave out an appeal. According to the Foreign minister for Ecuador, police officers and prosecutors had begun identifying and confiscating any of Assange's properties that could aid as evidence in the US findings into the purported sharing of classified materials by WikiLeaks. Quito said that the captured items would be sent to  Ecuador for analysis.  Should the Ecuadorian prosecutors determine that a few of them taken to Washington, it will be so as per the rules.  Any residuals will hand over to Assange's agent.WikiLeaks Concerned with the Violation of Confidential LawsEarlier on, WikiLeaks had expressed their worry that Ecuador could tolerate US authorities to capture Assange’s properties directly from the embassy. During the seizure, Assange’s attorneys got denied entry by the officials in the embassy. The items include medical papers, whistle-blowing online sites, legal documents, electronics, and manuscripts. WikiLeaks said that the capture of the possessions infringes the law that safeguards legal and medical confidentiality and press rights.The US Accuses Assange of Conspiracy to Leak Sensitive InformationThe 47-year-old has been held captive at the London jail from the time British officers drew him from the London embassy in 11th April. On 1st May, he was detained for 50 weeks for violation of bail terms.  When Quito terminated Assange's asylum, the US authorities gave out a warrant of arrest and demanded his deportation from Britain after his ejection from the embassy in April.  Washington has faulted Assange of colluding with Chelsea Manning, ex-US forces intelligence analyst, to release a trove of certain information. He stayed inside the Ecuadorian embassy for seven years to evade deportation to Sweden, where he has rape allegations.  A Swedish prosecutor has revived the beginning of the rape investigation, and the court will order his arrest in absentia.  

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