Chilean Navy Honors Royal Navy Hero at Westminster Abbey

Chilean Navy Honors Royal Navy Hero at Westminster Abbey
Thomas Cochrane ended Napoleon’s navy and went ahead to order the Brazilian, Greek, and Chilean convoy. Later, he was detained for fraud. The Chilean taskforce has paid tribute to him in an adorning laying ceremony at Westminster Abbey, where he’s laid to rest.  Cochrane was one of the most respected commanders in the Royal Navy, but he departed in shame after being accused of stock market fraud. After he got from prison, he went ahead and joined the Chilean, Greek, Brazilian convoys in assisting these nations in gaining their independence.  His achievements instigated the characters in C.S. favorite novels.Chilean Ambassador also Laid WreathsDuring the laying ceremony that took place on May 21, wreaths were laid by Major-General Gwyn Jenkins OBE and Mr. David Gallagher, Chilean Ambassador. Reverend Dr. John Hall, the Dean of Westminster, led the observance. The 10th Earl of Dundonald is a son of the 9th Earl of Dundonald, Mr. Archibald Cochrane, and Anna. He was born in Scotland at Annesfield in Lanarkshire. Cochrane's greatest deed in the naval occupation was the demolition of the French convoy in 1809, which devastated Napoleon's sea power. As respect to this accomplishment, he became an M.P. for Westminster between 1807 and 1818 and also a Knight of the Order of the Bath.Cochrane Played a Vital Role in the Chilean IndependenceCochrane’s calling in the Royal Navy terminated in dishonor in 1814 when he was accused of fraud on the Stock Exchange and detained for one year. After his jail term ended, he consented to an offer from Chile to command its marine and contributed significantly in the Independence of Peru and Chile. Later, he went to Brazil where he got selected as First Admiral of the Imperial and National Marine prior to working in the Greek navy in the battle for independence. 

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