The Family of a Guatemalan Woman Killed in Texas Demands Justice

The Family of a Guatemalan Woman Killed in Texas Demands Justice
One year since a 29-year-old was shot dead by a border patrol in Rio Bravo, the family still waits for answers about the killing. Claudia Patricia had just crossed the border to fulfill her American dream when her life was cut short. Every Monday, after her two siblings go to school, Claudia's parents go to lay flowers at her graveside. Speaking to the Guardian, Claudia’s father, Mr. Gomez, said he has never heard from the American authorities, and all he wants is justice.Guatemalan Immigrants are Fleeing from the Country’s HardshipSan Juan Ostuncalco is a rural home for most communities settled in the fertile hills near Guatemala’s second town, Quetzaltenango. The area was a refuge for many atrocities by authority forces amid the civil war that took place in the country for 36 years and left 200,000 residents dead. It, in turn, sparked a massive migration of indigenous people to the US in the 1980s. Of late, these refugees have attracted another generation of immigrants, fleeing the economic crisis in Guatemala, climate change, and government abandonment. In 2018, Guatemalans residing overseas, sent home remittances worth $9.2 billion, which is 11% of the nation’s GDP.Claudia was Seeking Employment in the US to Support her FamilyClaudia Gómez was an intelligent youngster who was hoping to further her studies after managing to get an accounting certificate in 2016. However, she could not qualify to join Guatemala’s only public university as the pass mark was higher. Afterwards, her father, who was working in Texas as an electrician, got deported. It left the family in a financial crisis as they could not raise money to take her to University. Maintaining the other two sibling’s education was also a hardship. It was then that Claudia decided to resettle in the US to try filling the economic deficiency in the family. 

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