Tensions Rise as Venezuela’s Ambassador to Italy Resigns

Tensions Rise as Venezuela’s Ambassador to Italy Resigns
Ever since the Trump government imposed financial sanctions on Venezuela’s newly formed government, they have been facing one problem after another. The latest one also comes due to the lack of financial assistance to the specified department, thus leading to the country suffering greatly.Isaías Rodríguez, the country’s ambassador to Italy, has posted his resignation, citing the lack of funds to even pay the embassy’s rent as the reason. Sadly, all Italian authorities have also shut their doors after a €9m debt has already surmounted the embassy.The country of Venezuela underwent a constitutional redrafting, after the election of Nicolás Maduro as the new President. The US government called out this shuffling as a ‘sham’ and has since then imposed financial sanctions on the country.Putting its full faith in the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, the Trump organization will not withdraw the sanctions until the current President resigns from his position. The sanctions have had a heavy impact on the embassy’s financial budget, and the impact is very visible with the closure of its Italian embassy.Isaías Rodríguez will now lead a simple life taking care of his family, who sadly are only making by with a meager means of income. His faithfulness to his current President is commendable.In another part of the world, the US sanctions have reignited the tension between Washington and Moscow. Russian foreign minister recently spoke in the favor of Venezuelan administration and urges the US to withdraw its ‘irresponsible’ plans against Maduro.In the Venezuelan’s foreign minister’s recent visit to Moscow on May 5, several talks were held on how to reach a diplomatic solution to the problem. The Kremlin, however, maintained its stand and warned the US government of grave consequences if they continue their effort to topple the Maduro government by force.

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