Former Argentina President to Face Corruption Trials

Former Argentina President to Face Corruption Trials
On 21st May, the courtroom in Buenos Aires will start the first corruption hearing against ex-president Cristina Fernandez. The politician is still one of the most opposing politicians in Argentina. This trial comes days after she declared her intention to vie for the vice-presidential candidate in the coming election. Christina will face accusations that she managed an illegal organization that gave 51 public projects at overstated prices to an ally and entrepreneur, Lazaro Baez, in Santa Cruz, which is her home province.  This allegation is the first in all the 11 cases awaiting her. Most involve bribery and cover-up.Christina Claims that the Accusations are Meant to Distract ArgentiniansHours ahead of the trial, Christina said that the allegations are a new way of persecution coordinated by the current President.  She also stated in a tweet that the ongoing trials are not in a bid to search for truth. The tweet further noted that the accusations are meant to distract Argentina from the extreme circumstance going on in the country.  Christina’s categorization in the trial got dismissed by the Macri government. German Garavano, Justice Minister, said in a radio station that the hearing would take place in a suitable venue to clarify to the public why an entrepreneur obtained numerous public projects at a high cost.The Ex-President will be Vying for Vice–President PositionIt's been three years since her presidential term ended. Presently, she's a senator and one of the most famous politicians in the country. Christina shocked her political counterparts by declaring that she'll be running for the post of vice-president instead of President as many had anticipated. Her running partner will be Alberto Fernandez. He worked as a chief of the cabinet during the government of Nestor Kirchner. Fernandez separated with Cristina Kirchner in the first term during a political disagreement with Argentina’s influential agricultural sector. 

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