Ecuador Gives Away Julian Assange’s Possessions to the US

Ecuador Gives Away Julian Assange’s Possessions to the US
José Valencia, Ecuador's foreign minister, authorized the confiscation of the belongings of Julian Assange earlier this month.  The properties include legal documents, manuscripts, electronic equipment, and medical information. Mr. Assange’s attorney, Aitor Martinez, said the decision was utterly exceptional in the asylum history. He further added that the country was committing a blatant violation of the most fundamental standards of the institution of asylum by giving away all the asylee's possessions aimlessly to the country from which he was being safeguarded. Mr. Valencia stated that the prosecutor's office should contain the move to share properties with the US government.Assange Faces Numerous ChargesKristinn Hrafnsson, Wikileaks’ Editor-in-Chief, mentioned in a statement that it was inevitable that Ecuador had altered with the stuff it had shared to the US.  The US is pursuing Assange's deportation from the UK over his suspected involvement in the discharge of classified military and sensitive material by Wikileaks in 2010. Assange, who was born in Australia, faces charges of collusion to commit computer incursion in the US. The 47-year-old suspect faces blame for taking part in one of the greatest ever disclosure of government confidences, which could lead to five-year term imprisonment. He is already encountering attempts to deport him to Sweden on rape accusations.A Renewed Rape Allegation Takes PlaceA woman of Swedish origin accused Assange of rape in 2010. The incident allegedly took place after they met in a WikiLeaks symposium in Stockholm. Since then, he has always denied the accusations and obtained refuge in Ecuador's embassy to evade a British repatriation order to Sweden. The allegations got abandoned in 2017.  However, on 20th May, the prosecutors gave out a renewed request to consider Mr. Assange on rape suspicion.  Eva-Marie Person, public prosecution assistant director, noted in a statement that Uppsala district court had applied to have Assange incarcerated in his absence.  

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