Disappointment among Mexican Migrants as Support Diminishes

Disappointment among Mexican Migrants as Support Diminishes
Madisa Mendoza, one of the immigrants, wept as she explained how her feet are aching and face burned by the scorching sun. She had nothing for her two-year-old child to feed and they had been traveling together to cross over to the US. Mendoza said she was convinced by her aunt to join the migrating caravan from the town of Tegucigalpa two weeks ago. The aunt said she would not encounter any problems since people along the Mexican route would assist her as they did for other convoys that traveled through the area in October. Mendoza left Honduras with insufficient money running for her life after receiving threats from her father's child. She expected help from people since she had a baby.The migrants often got help unlike todayHowever, the assistance never came. The generous aid that once met the travelers as they walked in caravans through Southern Mexico has dwindled. Frustration is developing among the eight thousand immigrants in Chiapas as they are becoming hungrier, making minimal progress, and meeting with unhelpful local officials. In October, the caravan benefited from food and accommodation from local authorities, well-wishers, and churches. Truck drivers would stop by to offer them a ride. Lately, nothing like that is happening. Local leaders, who once provided them with short-term permits to work in Mexico, appear to trap them in red tape. Authorities have warned lorry drivers from transporting migrants with no proper documentation lest they face fines.Thousands of refugees stranded at MapastepecAround one thousand and three hundred refugees spent the night in Escuintla and were traveling northwards to the city of Mapastepec, Chiapas. Mendoza, together with other migrants, arrived in Mapastepec on Saturday. They linked with the thousands of marooned refugees expecting to get a visa or temporary permit from the local officials to work in Mexico or proceed to the US border. 

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