Ecuador Amazes Visitors by Leading China Flower Imports

Ecuador Amazes Visitors by Leading China Flower Imports
The 21st annual HORTIFLOEXPO took place in Shanghai’s latest International Exposition Centre on April 20, 2019. Retailers, fresh flowers traders, and visitors from fifty-seven nations and regions gathered to witness the spectacular species of flowers exhibited. Ecuador’s country exhibition area stood out among the displays and impressed tourists with unique arrangements of gypsophila, rose and summer flower assortments that have resulted to Ecuador as China’s front runner in the flower supplier for two years now.

Gypsophilia, The Baby Breath

Ecuador’s flower production is continually innovating by making new variations and production methodologies. Chief Commercial Officer, Santiago Yánez, said they are excited to witness such pleasure among Chinese retailers, importers, and consumers. They are fond of their distinct colors, shapes, and sizes and are employing them in new ways the Ecuadorians have never seen in other nations. Ecuador’s roses are popular for their huge sizes, variety of colors derived from the nation’s high-altitude, equatorial climate, and long stems. Not only was Mr. Yánez discussing Ecuador’s world-known roses, but he was also referring to Gypsophila, popularly called baby breath.

What Makes Ecuadorian Rose Stand Out

You will find that the reserved and delicate-looking gypsophila is usually used as a filler flower to complement broader blossoms in arrangements and bouquets. However, over the last years, Chines rose’s arrangers have discovered the rare beauty of Ecuadorian varieties and started using gypsophila as the central theme in their display. Meanwhile, Ecuadorian gypsophila is found in flower shops throughout China and also in the majority of top fresh flower online business websites. In contrast to China's locally produced gypsophila, Ecuadorian types have firmer stems, have an extended shelf life, and uphold an appealing appearance even after they have withered. Even though Ecuador transported its first flowers to China in early 1994, the business started to soar lately in 2014. During that year, Ecuadorian flower imports to China rose higher than one million dollars for the first time. Since then, they have continually increased every year to attain 3.8 million dollars in 2018.

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