Lazarillo, a Chilean Startup, Joining This Year’s Florida Accelerator Program

Lazarillo, a Chilean Startup, Joining This Year’s Florida Accelerator Program
As the world becomes more industrialized and more advanced in terms of work activity and utilities, more developers are finding ways to create devices or applications that would make the lives of the people easier and more convenient.They don’t simply limit their knowledge on people with perfect senses, but they’re also trying their best to expand their tech expertise by developing something that would also benefit those with impaired senses.A comprehensive navigation app, Lazarillo, has been greatly appreciated by the Chileans as it focuses on partially and fully blind people. It mainly utilizes voice messages for the blind and visually impaired to understand and be guided as they travel through areas.It has been reported that the developers behind the aforesaid app will join in the upcoming TechDiversity Accelerator due to its uniquely brilliant concept. Sponsored by Tampa Bay Wave and Nielsen Foundation, the education program influence entrepreneurs in using their skills and develop business models. Lazarillo will be the only Latin American company participating this year’s event at the Florida function.Tampa Bay Wave stated that the technology industry is immensely diverse, which is surrounded by individuals with notable talent and is envisioned to grow healthily in recent history.Each company is tasked into one of three different groups - Build, Launch, and Grow. With this, the partnership between the accelerator and participants takes place to either recognize or acquire business goals in a span of 90 days.Apart from mainly aiming their app for the visually impaired individuals, Lazarillo is also praised for its inclusiveness – something that highly encourages businesses and public institutions. The company collaborates with 11 partners in 60 different locations to apply door navigation plans, including banks, municipalities, hospitals, and universities.Since its launch in 2016, they’ve been able to receive over 85,000 downloads and has greater than 11,000 monthly subscribers from 29 countries. The app can be downloaded for free in Android and iOS and is available in English and Spanish language.

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