Guatemala Judiciary Rejects Anti-Graft Crusader’s Presidential Bid

Guatemala Judiciary Rejects Anti-Graft Crusader’s Presidential Bid
Often times, many political activists rise to the occasion in order to make a change in the system from the inside.  One such inspiring figure is Thelma Aldana, a former attorney general who is known for her role in inspiring the anti-corruption movement in Guatemala.Aldana was most popularly known for her role in the 2015 joint investigation between her office and UN-backed International Commission against Impunity, which was directed towards high-level government officials in Guatemala.After fighting against the system for such a long time, Aldana was determined to change the system from the inside and decided to run for the Presidential elections. However, the Guatemalan court ruled against her candidacy on 16th May 2019.According to the court’s secretary, Aldana’s party had failed to meet the prerequisites required to run for the presidential seat. While the matter was settled with a six-to-one vote against her, the matter will now to proceed to Supreme Court for further proceedings.There have been several attempts by opposition party members and other notorious elements to pressure Aldana from backing off from the position. She has remained in El Salvador since the issuance of an arrest warrant against her.While the party candidates were seriously disappointed by the outcome, they respected the decision and shifted their focus on running campaigns for mayors and congressional representatives.The country goes to vote on 16th June. The fate of the country will then be decided by the people of the country. In case no party comes out with a clear majority, a presidential runoff will be held in the month of August in order to choose the leader.Such a move by the country’s judiciary has shaken the faith of people in the system. Many believe that there would be no change prior to or post to the election.

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