Former Colombian Tennis Player Suspended for Taking Payoffs

Former Colombian Tennis Player Suspended for Taking Payoffs
The game of tennis is one which requires skill and a lot of hard work. No matter where you hail from, one can reach the heights of the game, if they are persistent enough. However, many players are trying to skip the steps of success to reach their end goal.In a move that highlighted the high level of corruption in the country’s sports field, a former Davis Cup captain was accused and found guilty of selling wild cards for playoff positions of various tennis events in Columbia to more than six individuals in 2017.The veteran tennis coach, Miguel Tobon, had led his country to Davis Cup in 2011. An established player has found himself in hot waters since the surfacing of this scandal. As reports confirmed, Miguel will be suspended for 12 months and will also have to pay a fine of $20,000 to the Tennis Integrity Unit of the country.In a country where there is a lot of young talent coming in the field of tennis, the competition is cut-throat. In order to get ahead in the line, many young athletes are resorting to such ways which can get all the involved parties in trouble.In his coaching career, Miguel has trained some of Colombia’s top athletes such as Nicolas Massu of Chile, Alejandro Falla, and Santiago Giraldo. So, such an accusation did come as a shock to many, especially amongst sports fans.Other than the fine and federal suspension, Miguel was also ordered to pay $6,000 for the bribe he received from the sale of those wild card positions.In news which has shaken the entire world, it also exposed the weak links and enforcement which allow athletes as well as moderators to slip past the law and indulge in such activities. Hopefully, a lesson might be learned from Miguel’s punishment.

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