Outcry In Colombia After The Drug Trafficking FARC Leader Is Set To Be Released

Outcry In Colombia After The Drug Trafficking FARC Leader Is Set To Be Released
Colombia’s Special Jurisdiction for peace has ordered that Jesus Santrich, will not be extradited but instead freed from prison. This is even after submission of concrete evidence connecting him to drug trafficking even after the guerrilla leader participated in a peace deal.The decision to liberate the FARC leader has led to an outcry in Colombia prompting the resignation of the attorney general Nestor Humberto Martinez along with his assistant. Martinez has gone ahead and asked for a mass mobilization to protest the decision.Martinez said that he cannot endorse the decision since his conscience prevents him from doing so and that he has submitted a resignation letter. He also said that his office will appeal the ruling and for the case to be heard in the Supreme court and not the JEP. Evidence from the US should also be taken into consideration.The 148-page ruling ordered the release of the FARC leader, a non-extradition order, and an investigation of the prosecuting office for allegedly committing irregularities during the collection of evidence against the guerilla leader.The JEP and Attorney General’s office have been involved in a tussle on several occasions since the case began. The confrontations were mostly focusing on tangible facts concerning the drug trafficking case against Santrich. The JEP argued that there is no proof that Santrich was involved in drug trafficking after signing the December 1st peace agreement in 2016.The extradition request was denied by the JEP because the US Department of justice did not release conclusive evidence requested by the JEP to support any reason to extradite Santrich to the US. However, the Prosecutors argued that the evidence submitted was unequivocal and conclusive enough to charge Santrich and extradite him to the United States of America for drug trafficking. 

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