Slain Mexico Journalist Makes It Five Murders In 2019

Slain Mexico Journalist Makes It Five Murders In 2019
A Mexican journalist was murdered on Thursday after constant death threats from unknown people. The recent murders involving journalists total five in 2019.According to AFP reporters, the journalist, Francisco Romero, was found lifeless in a pool of blood outside Playa del Carmen which is a nightclub. Romero was under the Mexican government’s protection program for activists and journalists.Romero had filed death threat complaints on April 12. A state prosecutor has since opened a homicide investigation.Mexico is ranked third in the world as the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists behind Afghanistan and Syria. This is according to a watchdog known as reporters without borders.The violence is mostly linked to political graft, and drug trafficking and reporters who ask too many questions about the activities are at risk of deadly consequences.Some of Romero's work targeted some local government officials, and he started receiving death threats, Romero's wife Veronica Rodriguez said. She added that Romero had received numerous threats, and the law enforcement authorities in Mexico City were aware of the threats. The last threat was about two weeks to his murder when he was threatened to do what ‘they’ wanted or they would kill his wife and son.Based on a report from reporters without borders, Romero received a phone call at 5 in the morning requesting him for a meet about possible news at the Gotta Gentleman Club. He had already sent his four bodyguards home, so he went to the club alone. One hour later, he was found dead outside, in the club’s parking lot.According to witnesses’ his body seemed to have been beaten and had gunshot wounds in the face. The state of Quintana Roo has now experienced four journalists murders in the past year. Nationally in Mexico, over 100 journalists have been murdered since 2000. 

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