Former Argentinian President Fernandez’s Trial, Likely to be Delayed

Former Argentinian President Fernandez’s Trial, Likely to be Delayed
Argentina’s Supreme Court has released a decision regarding the schedule of former president Cristina Fernandez’s corruption trial to be delayed a bit further.The trial, which has been initially scheduled for May 21, was decided to be moved after the court has decided late Tuesday to give Fernandez’s side a bit more time and mentioned that they would review the case further in order to assess any legal arguments which were presented by the former president and the others.However, governing party politicians believed that this decision was aimed at protecting Fernandez ahead of the upcoming presidential election come October, in which she will be up against Mauricio Macri.According to German Garavano, Justice Minister, this decision from the top court is quite odd. He even added that it was heavily biased and tainted by politics.Fernandez, who’s been Argentinian president from 2007 to 2015 was accused of accepting bribes in return for public work contracts. However, she denied any allegations and accusations against her, claiming that lower courts prohibited her from presenting more evidence and witnesses, and even rejecting comparative analysis of the companies which were said to have gained public work contracts while under her rule.This is not the only case she’s facing though, as she’s also accused of money laundering, bribery, and criminal association during her presidency, alongside her late husband Nestor Kirchner who ruled as president from 2003 to 2007.Fernandez, who’s currently serving as senator, is accusing officials of persecuting her in an attempt to create a diversion from the country’s economic crisis. Although her position makes her immune from arrest, she’s still vulnerable to prosecution.As of now, the anti-corruption office requested the trial to be executed during the set schedule and delayed no longer. A prosecutor also requested the top court to make sure the trial commences.Meanwhile, Fernandez’s supporters are happy about the decision.

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