Court Decision on Anti-Corruption Crusader and Presidential Candidate Awaits

Court Decision on Anti-Corruption Crusader and Presidential Candidate Awaits
Guatemala Attorney General Thelma Aldana made noise four years ago when she led an investigation that resulted in the then-president being ousted. Her success has served as hope to the citizens who desire a corrupt-free country. It has become a sign that the corrupt system can be changed. That is until Aldana was charged with corruption charges herself.It has sparked different opinions from the people, but the supporters of the strong attorney general remained steadfast on her side. They say that these allegations’ sole purpose is to prevent the anti-corruption crusader from running for the presidency. They added that Aldana is one of the keys to changing the system and that the politicians who benefited from the corrupt system of the government are pushing back.One associate of a professor at George Mason University, Jo-Marie Burt, said that it’s like a game of chess where people are moving their pieces in a way that would help them to recapture the whole political and system and allow them to restore the power.Aldana was one of the leading presidential candidates when the arrest happened. The attorney general denied all the allegations.  Her lawyer said politicians who seek to remain in power by maintaining the corrupt system were very much opposed to her candidacy.The competition amongst the candidates in this election has been ferocious. There were initially 24 presidential hopefuls, and a quarter of them had been charged with different allegations. Four have already been deemed ineligible to run.  One hopeful, Mario Estrada, was accused by the US authorities of getting millions of his campaign funds from the Sinaloa drug cartel and asking them for help in killing off his rivals.The ruling from the highest court of Guatemala is expected to happen on Wednesday. It will decide whether or not Aldana can run for the presidency.The next president is set to start the term in January 2020.

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