Flights Between U.S. and Venezuela Suspended

Flights Between U.S. and Venezuela Suspended

Flights, both passenger and cargo, between Venezuela and the United States of America are suspended. The US halted all kinds of air transport to the South American country, Venezuela, due to security reasons.

Right now, Venezuela is in crisis due to the political war happening in it between President Nicolas Maduro’s administration and the opposition leader Juan Guaido and his allies. Maduro refuses to concede to Guaido despite other countries’ call for his step-down.

The US had been a constant trading partner of Venezuela over the last two decades. All these stopped when the Trump administration, along with fifty other countries, decided to recognize opposition leader Guaido as Venezuela’s rightful president. One of the first ones that the US banned was the oil trade.

The abruption was not really a shock as in the past years, established US-based carriers have refrained from flying to Venezuela for a number of reasons – one of them being security risks. Among them are United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, both of which halted their flight operations to Venezuela in 2017. Meanwhile, American Airlines stopped theirs more recently in March of this year, specifically because of the protests led by the airline’s pilots. Venezuelan airlines and other smaller charter companies now serve as replacements to the big carriers that they lost.

It’s also bad news for the country’s biggest private airline, Avior Airlines. The carriers replaced by Venezuelan Airlines and other charter companies used to service the route between Miami and Caracas. Miami is very popular amongst Venezuelans as either a place for emigration or at least a tourist destination.

However, starting Wednesday, all the flights that go back and forth Caracas and Miami were canceled.  Now, Avior Airlines had offered flights between the two places daily, which makes this new development a big loss for the giant airline.

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