Food Bank in Colombia Calls for Help

Food Bank in Colombia Calls for Help

One of the major food banks in Colombia is appealing to the locals and organizations for help and support in their quest to serve thousands of less fortunate people in the country.

Archdiocesan Food Bank Executive Director Fr. Daniel Saldarriaga said that it’s imperative that people are eating properly, practicing good culture habits, and are being helped so that they can send their children to school.

Bogota Food Bank is a perfectly independent foundation that began its operations in 2001. The bank has 126 collaborators. These are the ones that bridge them to the world of the less fortunate. With this, they are able to help around 313,000 at-risk people in Bogota.

Currently, the food bank feeds 47,000 families. This does not include the 10,000 elderly, 24,000 adults, 22,000 young people, and 61,000 children. It should be noted that the children have the biggest number among all.

Saldarriaga said that in order to continue helping all those who are in need, there would be a call for all the members of the community to participate in the cause. This is why the food bank launched a new campaign where they ask for anything that community members can spare to give to the poor. People can donate food, personal hygiene products, toiletries, and basically anything that can be of use to others. Help isn’t limited to tangible things as services, like free academic lessons, can serve as big help as well.

All those collected will be distributed to the NGOs receiving help from the bank. Of course, they can only be registered and receive support if they show that they are providing food and basic living necessities to the vulnerable population.

Saldarriaga added that this campaign encourages people to be heroes by helping those who are suffering. The priest then defined the term "hero" as someone who gives away his unneeded things to the ones who actually need them instead of throwing them away.

The food bank isn’t about encouraging beggars. The priest emphasized that they are also about enabling people to join and survive in the world by helping them get opportunities which would sustain them in society.

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