Thousands Travel to Mexico for Cheaper Medical Treatments

Thousands Travel to Mexico for Cheaper Medical Treatments

Mexico may have been getting tourists for a different reason than what most people would think. People have been calling it “medical tourism” as thousands of people go to Mexico to have their medical treatments done.

Albuquerque resident Aaron Acosta said that he was willing to drive for 12 hours to Chihuahua, Mexico just to get his dental treatments done. He said that even with the cost of driving or bus fare, going to Mexico for his dental treatments would still save him 70% of what dental clinics in his hometown would charge him. He added that there were not going to be any surprise bills as the procedure is as simple as them seeing you and you paying after.

A dental implant in the United States costs around $3,000 on average, while it can be as low as $600 in Mexico. Bonus point is that insurance won’t always be needed.

As per the medical travel guidebook Patients Beyond Borders, the biggest number of treatments people go to Mexico for are dental, cosmetic surgery, and weight loss. Around one million people go to the South American country to get various kinds of treatment, and in 2016 alone, Mexico garnered 4.6 billion dollars for the country’s economy from this medical tourism alone.

However, Dr. Barry Ramo warned people that cheap price doesn’t guarantee the best service. He said that when you go to Mexico for medical treatment, you could really never be sure of what you are getting.

Mexico doesn’t really have staunch rules as to who can do the treatment nor where it can be done. An unfortunate example would the woman from El Paso, Texas who died last year after having a nose job done in Juarez, Mexico.

This, however, does not invalidate the actual great doctors that the country has to offer.

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