Man Who Threatened a School Arrested

Man Who Threatened a School Arrested

A man in Peru got arrested for sending threats to State Sen. Sue Rezin's office.

It was on a Monday night when the police department of Peru responded to a report made by the office of State Sen Sue Rezin. The office received a voice mail from the then-anonymous person, threatening to commit a mass shooting at a school.

According to the statement issued by the authorities, they automatically took heavy measures to ensure the safety of the local schools, not taking the threat lightly, especially as no school name, city, or even county was mentioned in the voicemail. They also worked the whole day and night trying to identify the person behind the threats sent to Rezin’s office.

After some investigation done by the police, Steven A Tutko was arrested the following day. The police identified Tutko as a person of interest come Tuesday morning. They went to the La Salle County State Attorney’s Office and presented the facts they have gathered to ask for a warrant. A few hours after, the judge approved a felony charge and gave a warrant for the 33-year-old suspect. This wasn’t the only warrant that the police got as they also asked for a search warrant for Tutko’s residence. While all these were still in the process, Tutko’s place had been under surveillance.

The emergency response team exercised the warrant given at around12:45 pm and apprehended Steven Tutko. The whole process was assisted by Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center as well as the state attorney’s office.

It turns out that Tutko is no stranger to jail time and life on the inside as it was seen in his records that he had served some time for driving under the influence resulting to his revoked license.

Steven Tutko was ultimately charged with a Class 4 Felony following his arrest.

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